Practice with instant feedback

Before you hit another bucket of range balls, go for another short game practice session, or practice your putting, imagine having your teaching pro watching you, providing instant feedback. Most of us don't have the luxury to have their pro available at every practice session. The @iRangeSports is your second best option.



Surely you have heard it before. "Feel vs. Real. You might feel that you are doing something, but in reality you are doing something quite different." Nowhere is that more true than in the golf swing. Imagine if you had that feedback available anytime you practice or play? Look no further. Meet @iRangeSports. 

  • iRangeSports Stick

    The iRangeSports Stick is the easiest method to record your golf swing in any location. The driving range, the golf course, the back yard, or on the living room. Available in a fixed and adjustable height version, there is an option for every golfer.

  • Phone Magnets

    Choose from 3 different options to magnetically attach your phone to the iRangeSports Stick. The metal plate, the magnet, or the puck (for MagSafe users)

  • No Grass, No Problem

    Every iRangeSports Stick comes with a screw-in pin and has the option to attach an indoor stand of choice. A light weight aluminum version, easily scoreable in your golf bag, or a heavier steel version for use with larger devices such as tablets.

  • The hidden Feature

    Keep your phone handy while on the course with the round magnet. It keeps your phone strongly attached to the cart alongside your range finder, while keeping the cupholders available for refreshments.

  • Coaches' Feedback

    The iRangeSports Stick allows you to record swing videos from the correct angles and height in order for a coach to properly analyze and advise.

  • Use a variety of devices

    Use the iRangeSports Stick regardless of the your phone of choice. The various magnet options available allow for use with any phone and small recording devices.

  • OnForm

    Video analysis app and messaging solution to help you save time, coach smarter and stay organized

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Customize your iRangeSports Stick

Contact us about creating custom iRange Sports Sticks for your Corporate Event, your team, or as Tee Gifts.

  • We have partnered up with Kyle Morris and The Golf Room Everywhere to take full advantage of your iRange Sport product.

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