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Mag Plane Stick (3-pack)

Mag Plane Stick (3-pack)

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Introducing the Mag Plane Stick. This revolutionary new device turns your iRangeSports Stick into a full on swing training aid. Set your correct swing planes, reduce hip and head sways, early extension, and many other swing faults with the Mag Plane Stick. Extending up to 70 inches and collapsing down to 19 inches, these sticks can accommodate a wide range of drills for players short and tall. The magnetic connection allows for easy on and off connection with your iRangeSport Stick. 



- Light weight
- Telescopic for easy travel
- No setup required
- Fits easily in any size golf bag

Mag Plane Stick includes:

- 3 Telescopic plane sticks with magnetic connection discs
- ships FREE


Mag Plane Sticks are not designed for high speed impact with golf clubs. To prevent any damage due to accidental impact with the golf club, we suggest protecting the stick with a foam material such as a pool noodle. Most pool noodles will slide over the Mag Plane Stick.

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